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Why can't I talk to my tools, why don't they know what to do

Micheál Reilly-Sendal

Quick thought

Often when writing a message to someone, I need to recall some piece of information or idea. Maybe it's a funny meme or some interesting stat. Regardless, you typically have to leave the messaging application you are in and navigate to either some central store or the source application (usually it's some errant bookmark) to remember what the hell you are searching for again. Maybe switch back to the messaging application to remind yourself and then carry out the search. You then need to download that information or copy it, paste it into the messaging application and send.

What I have massively glossed over is all the friction from speed and all the distractions along the way as you open up the browser and see the tab you are on about the potted history of some obscure bureaucrat and proceed to resist the temptation to get distracted. All the while, you vaguely paw at the keyboard in a futile attempt to remember what you want.

Why can't the experience be as simple as messaging your creative store and getting a nice contextual response. You could even let it peek at what you were just chatting about, and it could draw on that connective and contextual relevance, so it can send directly back to you within the messaging application the glorious statistic you need on horse deployments in Finland in 1955.

Allowing you to continue your chat undistracted.

Addendum: Finland reached peak horse in 1955

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